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If you have a mandatory report to complete for school or work, important files, or just personal memories like pictures on your computer, losing them can create a tremendous headache. Getting all of that back could be an even bigger nightmare, and we want to help you make sure it does not happen again in the future.

Techie Guru’s computer recovery process not only helps you find your lost files, but it also prevents you from losing them again. Our experienced Engineers will provide the resources necessary to gather files and programs wiped out for whatever reason. In addition, we will transfer data to another source if the operating system has become corrupted, and also implement a backup solution for the future.

Disasters happen; let Techie Gurus prevent any of those problems from happening with our advanced cloud back up protection. We not only save your important files and documents in the event of a catastrophe, but we also provide tips and support that will help keep your organisation from being the next to go under. Taking the right preventive measures will allow you to make sure your company does not become one of the many that fail due to the lack of a proper backup solution.

We work with all computer brands, and even let you monitor our progress as we go along. Techie Gurus offer affordable and simple pricing structure, get in-touch now or check our rates here.

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